3 Reasons Why Cloud Data Protection is a Better Security Solution

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Database security options are not easy to agree on. While some believe that the cloud might not provide adequate security, others feel that cloud data protection is by far the best option for keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes. In fact, in a 2013 survey by Thales and Ponemon Institute, more than 50% of respondents said that their organization handles the transfer of sensitive or confidential data via the cloud.

With big data breaches making the news, many people are wondering whether the cloud is really a safe method of data storage and transference. Although many of the big corporations who recently suffered security breaches use the cloud, those incidents can actually be traced back to other human errors that are unrelated to their cloud usage. So of all the database security solutions available, why is cloud data protection the best option? Here are three reasons why you should consider making the switch to the cloud:

  1. Access is better controlled
    If you handle your data security needs on-site, your system is likely much easier to break into. However, data that’s stored in the cloud is unavailable to employees or others who do not have proper access. You won’t have to worry about one person within the company — or who works with the company — who might be able to get access.
  2. Your system will be monitored regularly
    One of the most common database security issues with other types of options is that the system isn’t regularly updated or monitored. That can leave your business much more vulnerable to breaches. But good DBMS security companies will regularly audit, monitor, and test all of their operations consistently. This means your system is guaranteed to be reliable and up-to-date — plus, your security team will be in a much better position to recognize a potential breach and take immediate action.
  3. You’ll have experts on your side
    Technology is ever-evolving, which means that whoever handles your database security solutions needs to know the latest in the tech security world at all times. For many companies, finding an in-house data security expert can be a real challenge and can take away from other business aspects you need to focus on. When you use the cloud, you’ll not only be using a better quality product, but you’ll also get a team of tech experts on your side. You can concentrate on the parts of your company that really need your attention and leave the database security in our capable hands.

Are you in need of better database security solutions? Consider using cloud data protection. To find out more about the options we offer for data security and how they can help your business and your customers, contact us today.