Meet ICSynergy, the leading integrator of identity solutions.

Founded in 2000, ICSynergy is a leading integrator of successful IAM solutions. Our IAM and database security practices, coupled with expert advisory services, help large, medium, and small enterprises solve their most important and complex IAM security issues.

Deep technical knowledge from talented consultants leveraging best practices truly differentiates our level of service and commitment to our clients.

ICSynergy’s advisory services have helped hundreds of Fortune 1000 clients in the development of business-focused IAM strategies and roadmaps. We offer industry-leading experience in the migration of aging IAM solutions, while providing services to manage and support your existing IAM platform.

We partner with our clients and our software partners, often recommending new functionality that rapidly becomes incorporated in the IAM platform. Our clients realize that their “crown jewels” are their databases. Partnering with Oracle, the world leader in database security, ICSynergy assesses, prescribes the optimum solution, and locks down your database security.

Leveraging our best practices, ICSynergy anticipates, identifies, and addresses the clients’ specific and most challenging IAM problems with tested, efficient and effective solutions. We effectively engineer and integrate IAM solutions to tackle a broad range of IAM challenges including governance, compliance, data security, mobile technologies, cloud computing, collaboration technologies, and customer relationship management.

How can our IAM solutions facilitate change and optimization in your organization?

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