Last year, 96% of breached records came from database penetrations.

How secure is your database?

We can help you enhance and ensure its security.

As the leading integrator of successful IAM solutions, ICSynergy helps its customers increase database security through successful IAM advisory and implementation services. IAM integration is becoming increasingly business-aligned, and it requires business skills, not just technical expertise. We deliver mission-critical database security solutions focused on your most valuable assets and your biggest threats.

Today’s critical business assets and processes live in databases. Period. In the era of big data, this fact of business spans every industry and every geographic location. Databases are a core asset of your infrastructure, and your business runs on them. Two-thirds of sensitive and regulated information resides in databases – and this number is doubling every two years.

Database security poses a real threat to businesses worldwide. Last year, 96% of breached records came from database penetrations. Security threats decrease the value of a brand, lead to regulatory fines, and result in the loss of data, revenue, and confidence. The cost of remediating a breach can potentially exceed the cost of preventing a breach tenfold and according to a data breach report from Verizon, 97% of breaches are preventable. These are bold facts demonstrating that the execution of a proactive, effective IAM strategy that prevents and detects is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise.

ICSynergy is committed to helping its clients seamlessly bridge this gap between business requirements and IAM security. We deliver IAM solutions that solve your most complex and challenging database security problems. Our comprehensive solutions are driven by innovation and strategy. There are best practices for the technology, people, policies, and processes to ensure successful solutions. Our success is born from our deep understanding of the complexity of identity and access management projects and the exceptional skills of our staff.

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