Security extends far beyond employees to include partners and customers.

Need to extend secure access to your enterprise applications?

Expand your business through a user portal.

When your business relies on partnerships, franchises, vendors, and contractors, it may require a way to enable role-based access to your enterprise applications. How do you securely allow access to your data from outside your corporate network to facilitate these business relationships? How do you vouch for the validity of the external users? How do you eliminate the need for users to remember discrete user ID and passwords for each application?

ICSynergy delivers successful external user portals that support business goals and vastly improve the end-user experience while ensuring the identity and access for varying third-party devices and users. In a well-architected IAM-enabled external user portal, an organization can report on activity regardless of the application, platform, or device – allowing for secure and controlled access by external parties who gain a dashboard-like experience to access the appropriate downstream applications.

To help reduce costs our solutions can enable self-service capabilities such as registration, password reset and profile management to ensure that your helpdesk is not overburdened with typical user requests. Our IAM implementations can provide a centralized repository for all user accounts, enable Single Sign-On to downstream applications, and properly control which downstream applications users can access. Through our advisory services, we assess your environment and align a strategy with your business goals. We can then implement a solution that allows you to have the same reporting criteria and visibility as you do with your employees.

Need to securely extend role-based access to your data? ICSynergy can help. Contact us to find out more.