Ensuring that everyone is properly authenticated, authorized, and audited extends far beyond employees to include partners and customers.

Does your mobile workforce need the flexibility of BYOD?

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Every company is evolving the way they connect with their workforce and with their customers. It is estimated that this year 90% of organizations will provide mobile applications to employees and 62% will depend on social networking to connect with customers and prospects.

As users are connecting to increasingly more applications every day, they’re also doing it from a wider range of devices than ever before. More and more users are bringing their iPhones, Android phones and tablets to work – collectively known as BYOD (bring your own device) – and using them for professional purposes. The good news is that BYOD can lower costs, increase flexibility, enhance recruiting, and improve productivity. For mobility, companies are now faced with a key issue: how do we allow an application on a BYOD to interact with our business without exposing our network and business to unseen issues and viruses with the device.

With a vast number of mobile apps, organizations are challenged to extend their existing access control to mobile devices. Usability is gaining importance – customers and partners now expect the same caliber user interfaces in enterprise IAM solutions that they find on their personal mobile devices. This calls for processes and protocols to manage applications and ensure secure network access to enterprise applications.

ICSynergy delivers successful IAM solutions that allow for mobility and BYOD and ensure the identity and access for varying third-party devices. In a well-architected IAM solution, an organization can report on activity regardless of the application, platform, or device, allowing for a mobile workforce through cloud computing or BYOD options. Mobility and BYOD come with challenges, such as ensuring that everyone – including partners and customers – is properly authenticated, authorized, and audited. With our IAM advisory services, we can assess your environment, align a strategy with your business goals, and develop an action-based strategic plan that will allow you to have the same reporting criteria and visibility as you do with your on-premise network.

Your business and technology challenges are continually evolving. Armed with deep technical knowledge, broad experience and results-driven innovation, ICSynergy integrates IAM solutions that enable your enterprise to respond to market trends and maximize new opportunities.

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