The challenge with the cloud is bringing it all together, no matter the environment.

What’s the forecast?

Cloud or no, your business security is our focus.

At a growing rate, businesses are adopting cloud computing for its countless benefits – increased efficiency, fewer operational issues, improved agility, better use of resources, faster innovation, emergence of new business models, and less capital expense. The list of potential benefits of cloud computing is only expanding. But the reality is that cloud computing is not as secure as many would like.

Until recently, not only was the cloud insufficient in addressing security, but it also created more entry points for data security breaches. Today, security, scalability, and interoperability have gotten better. Now the challenge is bringing it all together within a complex environment – an environment that may include legacy systems, Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as private and public clouds. Additionally, you need to support multiple devices and multiple user types.

The new enterprise applications – including Taleo, Sales Force, Office 365, Google Apps, Box, and Service Now – are here. Organizations need to understand how to securely extend their enterprise within compliance, properly manage user accounts in SAAS applications, enable trusted access to these applications and implement data security policies with the same controls as if they were on-premise applications.

ICSynergy understands how to securely extend the enterprise and is an industry thought leader in federation and access management, including established and emerging standards such as SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID, OAuth, ADFs, Shibboleth and more. We look at security and the cloud through multiple dimensions to understand our customers’ real needs, develop solutions, and create effective results. Through IAM advisory services, we assess your current architecture, understand the driving factors, and build a comprehensive IAM strategy that addresses your current risks and business challenges.

Your enterprise’s move to the cloud doesn’t need to be overwhelming or fraught with risk. We implement solutions that align your company’s business and technology goals with our best practices – resulting in a smooth, predictable, and effective IAM integration.

Call us. We can help your business seize the benefits of cloud computing…with security and confidence.