Staff Augmentation

Flexible, efficient IAM support services

As a trusted, long-term partner, ICSynergy stands by its customers. We integrate successful IAM solutions and offer expert advisory services to help large, medium, and small enterprises solve their most challenging IAM initiatives. And we don’t close the door on our solutions and support when the integration is complete.

We're here for you

Is your IT department temporarily short-staffed? Do you need expanded capabilities during a critical launch?

We offer a flexible, efficient support solution that securely, comprehensively, and proactively protects your organization against data breaches and supports your IT infrastructure. Whatever your business priorities demand – on-site or off-site, on-going or short-term – we can align an IAM support solution that meets your changing needs.

True Support

Our support team of consultants continuously monitors your IAM system, identifying and reporting on potential problems, and provides services that resolve unexpected events. We also can provide support assistance for products that no longer have support agreements in place through the software vendor. As with all that we do, our support services are driven by the deep technical knowledge, broad experience and never-fail determination of our consultants.

Hundreds of years of experience

Our consultants have hundreds of years of combined experience in corporate IT departments, keeping critical systems up and running, performing upgrades and migration, installing updates and patches – all while minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Our experience spans a broad range of industries, including the telecom, retail, finance, automotive, education, transportation, manufacturing, and public sectors. We have tremendous knowledge and experience that you only get from being in the trenches managing real world, mission-critical implementations.

Want to speak directly with one of our in-house experts?


Operationalize Your Digital Business Model using Relationships, Roles and IdP Functionality with ICSynergy's Identity Relationship Management Platform


Enhanced MSP

Increase overall productivity by transitioning critical, supporting process workload from key business and technical resources to our Experts.


Privileged Access Management

Partnering with ICSynergy & applying our proven PAM methodologies can assist in delivering sustainable results while providing early Return on Investment .


We stand behind our work and our customers. We align our IAM solutions with your business and technology priorities. It’s no surprise that our Fortune 1000 customers consider us a trusted advisor. ICSynergy is laser-focused on delivering mission-critical IAM solutions and products that help our customers solve their most challenging and complex IAM problems.


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