Privileged Access Management

   Navigating a Successful PAM Deployment  

Undertaking a new Privileged Access Management (PAM) initiative can quickly become the proverbial security onion. Each layer of discovery quickly unearths additional organizational security flaws. Remediating those flaws can be overwhelming and often results in scope creep, missed deliverables, additional cost and extended risk exposure. Partnering with ICSynergy and applying our proven PAM methodologies can assist in delivering sustainable results while providing early Return on Investment (ROI).

Turning the tide

ICSynergy's Privileged Security Services (PSS) team was recently parachuted into a Fortune 100 client with a failing PAM deployment. ICSynergy suggested the client leverage our PAM "roadmap for success".  As with many organizations, process and work method changes are often met with skepticism and resistance. This deployment was no exception. The initial approach failed to partner early with the business and impacted teams, resulting in a negative perception of the project and success uncertainty.

Following our proven methodologies, we quickly created an equal partnership between the project team, impacted teams and the business. Engaging all stakeholders as equal partners and co authoring an achievable roadmap reversed the projects course dramatically. Leveraging our process driven integration model, we successfully co developed an acceptable security posture while maintaining and improving usability.

The initial project win has changed the internal perception of the PAM project and accelerated the adoption across the organization.

Preflight checklist

○ Perform an environmental assessment 

○ Document and define the security findings being addressed by the PAM program 

○ Perform an impact analysis on processes and productivity


Phase 1- ICSynergy security architects will assist in assessing the security vulnerabilities and collaboratively develop a targeted remediation plan. 

Phase 2- Certified delivery engineers will execute the architected design strategy and lay the foundation for the incremental deployment. This includes operational readiness assistance and assessments.

Phase 3- Integration specialists will execute the incremental onboarding plan and collaboratively assist in training of end users and support personnel.

Technical best practices

Engage automation teams at project inception

○ Analyze and refine build standards

○ Leverage MFA, IAM, and SIEM systems 

○ Target the high vulnerability tier 0 assets first


ICSynergy’s partnership program provides a best in class phased approach by applying the appropriate skill sets at optimal times. This approach offers a flexible, scalable solution designed to maximize velocity and meet each client’s unique requirements and timelines

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Privileged Access Management

Partnering with ICSynergy & applying our proven PAM methodologies can assist in delivering sustainable results while providing early Return on Investment .


We stand behind our work and our customers. We align our IAM solutions with your business and technology priorities. It’s no surprise that our Fortune 1000 customers consider us a trusted advisor. ICSynergy is laser-focused on delivering mission-critical IAM solutions and products that help our customers solve their most challenging and complex IAM problems.


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