Enhanced - Managed Services Provider

How One Fortune 500 Client Is Dramatically Reducing Their Privileged Access Management Deployment Costs
By Leveraging ICSynergy's Enhanced MSP (E-MSP)

The Company, a Global Marketing and Media holding company, wanted to rapidly deploy their PAM solution, while significantly reducing the price tag incurred by hiring full time technical PAM experts. Leveraging ICSynergy's PAM methodology and rolling out the solution in ICSynergy's Enhanced MSP Center, the $14B company was able to dramatically reduce costs, eliminate the need to hire and train expensive certified PAM resources and were able to use their PAM solution within three months.

ICSynergy's E-MSP

ICSynergy is your Competitive Advantage:
○ Dedicated Team of Identity Management Industry Experts
○ Consolidate Day-to-Day “Run” Operations
○ Reduce your Overall IT Spend – Fixed Costs
○ Rapid Resource Deployment
○ Investment Retention

ICSynergy for Success:
Greater flexibility, responsiveness and scalable capacity, with focused expertise on Identity Management implementations and support:

○ Proactive Incident Response
○ Wellness Checks
○ Patch Management
○ Point Release Upgrades
○ Log File Maintenance
○ Tier 2 Incident Support
○ Application Troubleshooting
○ Root Cause Resolution
○ Monthly Operational Reporting

E-MSP - Competitive Advantages:

Reduce your overall IT Spend - Fixed costs, Easy to budget

Efficiently and effectively perform supporting security tasks that are critical but not directly associated with your main business

Eliminate employee constraints stifling business growth, not enough in-house people to get the job done as required

Increased overall productivity by transitioning critical, non-value add supporting process workload from key business resources

Focus on improving your Core Business vs. supporting processes

Experienced resources who specialize in Identity Management and are skilled in industry standard tools like Thycotic, CyberArk, Okta, Ping, Azure AD, One Identity, and Identity RM

Provide services dynamically to your business needs, allowing greater flexibility, responsiveness, and scalable capacity with focused expertise

Peace of Mind – tasks are being handled expertly and efficiently

Mid-market companies are now able to provide the level of support typically afforded by many large companies

More value for $$ spent, significantly less expensive then employing full-time IT professionals

Reduce your overall IT Spend - Fixed costs, Easy to budget

Maintaining compliance requirements, standard auditing and reporting

Enhance Managed Service Provider

Our Team Is Your Advantage

Our team, led by Mike Thompson and Martin Gee, have been dedicated to ensuring our customers’ success since starting the firm in 2000. Since then, we have delivered more than 200 successful IAM deployments throughout North America at key Fortune 1000 clients, representing many industries.

These deployments include IAM integration and migration from existing to new systems, installation of new IAM platforms and customized services such as governance, provisioning, password management, directory services (LDAP), single sign-on (SSO), and role management.

Want to speak directly with one of our in-house experts?


Operationalize Your Digital Business Model using Relationships, Roles and IdP Functionality with ICSynergy's Identity Relationship Management Platform


Enhanced MSP

Increase overall productivity by transitioning critical, supporting process workload from key business and technical resources to our Experts.


Privileged Access Management

Partnering with ICSynergy & applying our proven PAM methodologies can assist in delivering sustainable results while providing early Return on Investment .


We stand behind our work and our customers. We align our IAM solutions with your business and technology priorities. It’s no surprise that our Fortune 1000 customers consider us a trusted advisor. ICSynergy is laser-focused on delivering mission-critical IAM solutions and products that help our customers solve their most challenging and complex IAM problems.


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